Yañez Gioia Design

Gold Award for YG Design at FePI 2016

18th of October of 2016

Once more we were among the award winners of the 10th International Independent Advertising Festival that took place in the city of Rosario to hand out the “Inodoro Pereyra” Awards.

FePI rewards creativity, innovation, production, proper fulfillment of preset objectives, and final results. FePI commends award winners for their successful advertising initiatives, their paramount role in brand positioning and in providing information about brands, products, companies, and services.

FePI 2016 assessed pieces of work created by agencies, designers, producers, consulting firms, and students from 25 countries and more than 40 cities.

This award was named after the well-known characters created by Rosario’s cartoonist and writer Roberto Fontanarrosa. The jury was made up of more than 120 extremely prestigious professionals from 17 countries from the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Award-winning works were selected among more than one thousand designs.

We received 3 statuettes in the category titled “Packaging: containers in general, blisters, labels, bags, art for records and videos”. We were awarded a copper statuette for Don Matías, a project developed for Viña Cousiño Macul; a bronze statuette for Zuccardi’s Fuzion Alta, and a gold statuette (the highest award granted by FePI) for our Amaro 33 project.

As regards Amaro 33, the aim was to position the product through innovation, presenting the beverage as being contemporary, functional, avant-garde, and simple so as to update the style of Andrea Da Ponte distillery by adding a new product that differs significantly from their traditionally styled creations. For this purpose, the bottle’s front and sides were re-shaped and embossed. During daytime the label looks elegant and contemporary while at night it brightens up and the brand glows in the dark.