Yañez Gioia Design

Seival range by Miolo Wine Group

Vinicola Seival Estate is a subsidiary of the Miolo Wine Group (Brazil). They entrusted YG Design with branding and product graphic identity. Their products make up a complete range from entry-level to high-end products and are sold both in the domestic market and overseas. Alisios do Seival is the entry-level product inspired by trade winds. This was one of the first products to be exported from Brazil to the UK. Results were excellent both in terms of sales and brand positioning, and the region (a “new” region back then) was also well positioned. Seival Estate is a reserve wine. Its name derives from the cockspur coral tree—“Ceibo” in Spanish, one of Brazils’ native trees. The design plays with the image of a vine shoot and a cockspur coral tree flower. Sesmarías was Brazil’s first iconic wine, a high-quality product sold at high-price ranges.

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